Monday, June 2, 2014

Jackson Street Finished + Photographed

Our practice is quite enamoured with post WWII duplex housing, of which the Burnley Racecourse Estate is the first Melbourne example. See our previous projects with 2 bedroom versions of the type in Hampton East and Preston
In Burnley, an oddly shaped extension retains the charms of the original house and maintains a useable backyard with passive solar access. It integrates readily identifiable sustainable ambitions into the building fabric with a Trombe wall entry and a Sky planter frame / water pipe pergola.
In coordination with new garden areas the project offers a long term home for the family, the 3 kids, their chickens, dog, bikes, vegie garden and kayaks.
A collboration with Rohan Syer Landscape Design and built by MhD of Myrtle Street fame. 
Photos by Erica Lauthier.

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